Engineered to Fit but Crafted for Your Style- LDP

You have already heard us introduce this incredible new line, L’ Amour Des Pieds, that has joined our family, but today we want you to hear from the creator himself, Mr. Wayne Finkelstein.

He dazzles us with talk of a shoe that has both comfort AND style in mind when he created this beautiful line of shoes.  I love when he describes how  “shoes are the one article of clothing that have the potential to ruin our day”. I can’t tell you how many times I have adored and donned a sky high heel or even a flat and by mid day I am walking with a limp, blister or just a cramped feeling fit. I am the gal Wayne describes with her shoes off underneath her desk- But not anymore!!

At J.Renee’ we have always focused on style and comfort in our shoes. These new patent pending comfort features will give us even more opportunities to help women feel more fabulous.

Listen to this shoe comfort guru talk about the new Remac arch, naked lining, proprietary features and shoe that literally contours to your foot accommodating how it changes all day long.

This line is literally a total luxe comfort shoe experience!

Check it out!

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Our Miniature Shoe Collection

When Micky and Renee’ started this wonderful company, Remac, they decided to send a Christmas gift every year to the shoe retailers who carried their shoes. In 1984, they started a tradition of making one miniature ceramic shoe per year to send to their retailers. How thoughtful is that?  From this- the J.Renee’ ceramic shoe collection was born.


You will see some of our favorite shoe designs crafted into these gorgeous ceramic miniature shoes that can be keepsakes for a lifetime.  You may even recognize some of your own shoes or JR favorites in this special, one-of-a-kind collection. If you are one of our retailers- you know just how special it is to receive these delicate and beautifully designed miniature shoes to remember not only your love of shoes, but the love J. Renee’  has for all of you.


Here you can see just how they are just the right size to place somewhere special in your home or office!

Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 12.39.38 PM

In the past these ceramic shoes have only been available to our retailers.  But because we know your love affair with J. Renee’ shoes and our love for you, we are making them available to our special customers online. Through the years, these collectible shoes have become exceedingly popular.  To make it even better each shoe is an exact replica of that year’s best seller and are made with high quality ceramic!


These collectibles become memories of each year and the popular trend during that time. They tell stories that you can remember always or share with another fashion lover like yourself!

Whether you are an avid J.Renee’ fan or a miniature shoe collector, you will love these shoes! Take a trip down memory lane and shop these delicate delights! There are limited quantities so don’t wait too long.

L’ Amour des Pieds

Our very own Remac Group has recently taken on a new line of ultra comfortable shoes called, L’ Amour Des Pieds (LDP) of Luxe Fashion Footwear. We are THRILLED about this new addition to our shoe and accessory company!

PressRelase Graphic

Prepare yourself ladies for a line of shoes that you will never want to leave your feet… ever! When I say the phrase, “where fashion and comfort collide,” this is not an exaggeration with these shoes. As soon as they touch your fingertips.. Before they have even hit your toes… You will fall in love with the luxurious, soft and gorgeous leathers of these shoes.


LDP’s Creator, Wayne Finklestein, explains the beauty of what he calls “naked leather” that has no top finishes so that the leather retains its natural breathability, therefore, retaining the wonderful hand feel of leather.  This not only provides you with a shoe crafted in superior quality, but gives your feet the literal feel of luxury all day long.


L’ Amour des Pieds  prides themselves on creating a shoe that contours to the foot, not feet that have to contour to the shoe! Need I even say more after that? How many times do you force a shoe on in hopes that you “break them in eventually.”  Throw those blisters aside because this line was created with your feet and the experience, we know you want to have, in mind! Let me explain how…The arch support is made to be flexible and will mold to your feet as you wear the shoe…Yes, you heard me right- Mold to your feet! Basically this shoe is just waiting for you to step inside so it can create a unique fit I doubt you will find in any other shoe in your closet.

ldp3Finklestein has thought of everything to bring supreme comfort to your feet- arch support, breathability, quality, softness, the balls of your feet, the lining, the foam under your foot, EVA inserts to absorb shock and beautiful leathers on top of innovative designs. He has literally created a shoe that is geared towards the TOTAL comfort of your feet while maintaining fashion forward designs that are on trend season to season.  You are wearing an experience when your feet step into these gems. #Comfort #Shoes


And because this master-mind shoe maker has created such an all in one perfect shoe concept, we could not let him get away! Wayne is now on board with our team to keep on creating and designing fashionable footwear with a wearability like no other.

This shoe line will encompass not only the styles you see now but designs of all kinds from sandals to pumps- the sky is the limit on what you will see with this new line of shoes!

Stay tuned to hear and see all the beauty that The Remac Group will create!

Do your feet a favor and shop L’ Amour des Pieds

Marva Spotlighted in Women’s World Magazine

Not sure what to wear to ace a job interview? You’re not alone! Women’s World Magazine January 12th issue has got you covered with an amazing article on how to get you prepped AND looking your best!


Our customer favorite, Marva, is donning the pages of this spread showcasing her two-toned red and black upper with her playful bow accent creating a sophisticated, yet fashion forward first impression.


 Be sure to pick up the rest of this issue for more inside tips on cooking, dieting and how to have a FEEL-GREAT January!!!


Spring Trends 2015

Fashion Weeks have hit, runways have spoken and Spring 2015 is just around the corner and the trends could not be more breathtaking.  We saw everything from 70′s inspired trends, denim, shirtdresses, fringe, gingham, yellows and much more!

Check out some of our favorite trends we saw strutting the runways for 2015…

Shirtdresses are a huge trend this year and we see why with its sexy silhouettes, high slits with preppy collars and flattering belting. I love how you can pair this look some sky high heels, wedges or go casual with your favorite flats or sandals.


Next up, the one-shoulder look! Show off those sexy shoulders with this hot Spring trend. We love how it gives a fashion forward twist, while still being classy at the same time.


Denim. Denim. Denim. This is a staple no matter the year or season, but this Spring you will see denim in all shapes and sizes from overcoats, pants, dresses, rompers, jumpers and our favorite- SHOES! This is an easy trend to implement because it is generally something that is already in your closet and if not it is investment worth making because it never goes out of style!


Fringe!! We LOVED seeing this hit the runways! We saw it on skirts, dresses, shirts and jackets and loved it all. It is a fabulous way to spice up basics and give it some extra flare whether heading out with girlfriends or to a special occasion.


Gingham was such a lovely surprise. It’s where the prepster meets high class. We saw this pretty plaid as an allover print on suits and dresses and we also saw it as an accent as well! This is a great look that can easily transition into your everyday wardrobe.


Kimono- Inspired trench coats…Talk about a gorgeous accessory transitioning into warmer weather. We saw these gems everywhere and they emulated glamor and elegance with their loose and flowy yet flattering fit!

kimonostyletrenchBohemian styles were also strutting down the runways of Fashion Week! We saw free-spirited styles with a 70′s vibe topped with glam twists creating beautiful and dreamy looks that has everyone talking.


You know we already have a love affair with suede, so we were ecstatic to see it trending for the Spring season.  Check out these breathtaking trench coats crafted in luxe suede and jaw dropping hues.


Yellow will be making a big and bold statement with soft and rich tones and nothing brings in Spring like the pop of this favorite.


Alongside yellow, we saw the combination of black and white everywhere! We adore this color combo as you have seen in some of our slingbacks and handbags. This upcoming color combo should be an easy one to sport and is always a classic and flattering color for any skin tone and body style.


Florals- this is not a surprise to us because this trend is always in style and makes everyone feel ready to bring on the sunshine. We saw florals crafted in everything imaginable- tops, bottoms, shoes, handbags, everything! This is always a favorite for us.


White from head to toe. This is something that makes people feel a little nervous or weary but I will say seeing it has changed my mind.  We saw it layered in various ways and shades and we loved it all.  Typically we all have some white staples in our closet and now can easily be paired together. All you have to do is style it appropriately and you are a step ahead in the world of fashion without breaking the bank!


Gearing Up for 2015!

Well it’s January 2nd and we have officially said goodbye to 2014 and here we are welcoming the new year! I love the beginning of a new year, because you can just press reset and get a fresh start. We make new resolutions or commitments to our health, love life, parenting, organizing, friendships, work, style and much more!

I love the feeling of starting over and reflecting on the previous year, its challenges and successes, and what I want to do more or less of. Even down to my personal style I think about what trends I want to embrace or what signature style I want to emulate throughout the year!

I don’t know about you, but as I prepare for the new year I search all over to get inspired by different organizational methods, resolutions for every facet and different ways to not fall off the wagon with my resolutions.

I thought I would share with you some of the resources I came across that inspired me to strap down and get serious about this. Hopefully, some of these will inspire you to make new commitments and stick to them!

Happy New Year and let’s start 2015 off on the right foot and make it the best year yet!!












New Year’s Eve Style Guide

toastCheers to the holidays and the New Year which is just around the corner!!! With this comes lots of parties and festive events which means you want to look and feel your best. I don’t know about you but I LOVE an excuse to dress to the nine’s and hit the town for a fabulous outing especially one to ring in the New Year. Since we know you have a thousand things on the brain with Christmas in a couple days we have put together some outfit inspirations for ya! ;)

In these ensembles you will see that I have spotlighted sequins! I have a love affair with sequins and what other special occasion can you have the excuse to bust out shimmering dresses, tops, skirts, pants, shoes or handbags! Sequins are the perfect statement, accent or finishing touch to ring in the New Year.

Check out some of our favorite sequin outfits accessorized with a J.Renee beauty to get you inspired for the upcoming holiday!


Screen Shot 2014-12-23 at 5.14.26 PMGenette $109.95


Screen Shot 2014-12-23 at 4.49.41 PMKete $104.95

sequin longScreen Shot 2014-12-23 at 4.58.05 PMSienna $104.95


Screen Shot 2014-12-23 at 4.17.54 PMChrissy $99.95

oneshoulderScreen Shot 2014-12-23 at 4.54.44 PM

Natassia $104.95


Shoe Spotlight in Women’s World Magazine

We are so excited to have our very own Vanna and Chrissy featured in the December 15 issue of Women’s World Magazine!

We adore their party perfect ensembles just in time for the holidays and our J.Renee’ beauties never looked so sleek and elegant!

Check out more of this issue on Women’s World and all the fabulous and festive recipes, health advice and holiday fun!


women's magshoespotlight


All That Glitters

Introducing the perfect compliment to any special occasion, especially all those fabulous holiday parties you have right around the corner…Harlequin Glitter Fabric.

I am not even sure if gorgeous can relay how this new evening fabric looks or how it shimmers when it catches the light just right. This fabric is AMAZING and you will see used by many high end designers on their upcoming lines because of its sophistication and pure elegance.  Not to mention, a key trend for the season is everything that glitters and this material can be worn dressy during the day and easily transition into night.

This why we have created a line of shoes that not only exude this high class trend, but come at a price point that you can afford. Let’s face it, you have a lot on your plate with Christmas time, so wouldn’t it be nice to shop a shoe that gives the high end look without the budget breaking price point?! Now you can afford to show up to your holiday parties perfectly on trend and feeling as special as the season.

Take a glance at a few of our favorite harlequin glitter pieces we have for this season!





Top Boot Trends for This Season!

Brrrr it’s already getting cold outside and holidays are on the brain and winter around the corner! If you don’t already have boots on the brain and on your feet it is THAT time to start thinking and selecting your boots!

There are so many boot styles and prints that we are completely in heart with, from animal prints, embellishments of studs and rhinestones galore, luxe suedes to hot new booties!! But- have no fear we have broken down some of the many boot trends of the season into the top 4 to help you get the best selection without breaking your bank! #BootGurus #SavvyShopper

First up, we have the boot no girl can live without- the flat boot. This is a staple every single year because it is easy to slide on giving you all day comfort while keeping your everyday ensemble looking sleek. It is the boot that creates an effortlessly stylish look! But getting the right flat boot is key because you want it to be durable, comfortable and fashion forward. Here we have featured our gorgeous Glider, crafted with luxe eel skin AND suede! #BestOfBothWorlds We also spotlighted our Blinginton that comes in two-toned prints, solids and mixed materials of kidskin, crackle metallic suede, faux kid and velvet leopard. #BecauseAGirlNeedsChoices

flat boots_blog

 If you want a more cutting edge, high fashion trend nothing is better than booties and shooties!!! Personally, I am obsessed with this style of boot because it can take just a basic ensemble to a whole new runway ready look. We featured our beloved Viento and Petra with their innovative silhouettes and prints to make you walk in confidence.


Give them something to stare at in embellished boots and booties!! This is a hot trend this season and allows you to get more creative with your Fall to Winter wardrobes. We love how you can still have your go-to suede booties like Kareena and spice it up by adding rhinestone embellishments or by wrapping you go-to riding boot like, Torel, in eye-catching studs and suedes.


 Animal prints…Need I say more? Everyone knows how we ADORE this trend and I will tell you why. Sometimes people fear buying an allover printed shoe because they worry they won’t have enough to wear with it or that it will go out of style. Let me tell you with animal print, that is never the case! It is worth the investment because it can easily act as a neutral with bold hues AND other patterns, but it can also be a statement in solids. #Versatility This is a print you must have in your wardrobe and will always be in the top trends because of its versatility and its ability to create an effortlessly chic appearance! Check out how these celebs rocked it in several ways. I assure you, with animal print, you can do no wrong!